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Level: Czech republic

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Your game has ended. Our campaign continues. We are calling for treat which ensures that our government stops transfers of military equipment where it is likely those arms will be used for serious human rights.

You will hardly find a mine to sweep in Czech Republic.

The only hazardous region are Brdy during an exercise. Czech weapon producers exports rather to other countries. To where? Try the next level!

Yemen: Here you can find czech weapons

Thousands of mines and uncontrolled weapons imports from Czech Republic causes Yemen to be an unstable explosive mixture. Therefore will mark the mines by Czech flag in this level.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Lost maps

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the conutries with biggest number of antipersonnel mines. Maps describing the dangerous regions are often missing. It is the reason why you will find here question marks instead of hint numbers in some of the revealed cells.

Libya: Number of mines increases every day

Czech Republic had exported toxic chemicals and armoured vehicles of value 4.5 milion EUR between the years 2006 and 2007.

The number of mines to sweep increases as you play longer.

Congo: Greatest conflict from The Second World War

There are hundreds of mined areas in the Congo and the majority of mines come from the so-called African World War, which took place here from 1998 to 2003. Over four million people died during the conflict, mostly civilians.

V reálném světě se bohužel miny vypnout nedají.

Zajímá Vás kampaň za omezení mezinárodního obchodu se zbraněmi, kterou vede Amnesty International - tvůrce této hry?

Pomozte nám dostat mezinárodní obchod se zbraněmi pod kontrolu!

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For some, this is no game Amnesty International Czech Republic campaigns to stop export of weapons to problematic regions

War crimes, unlawful killings, torture and other serious human rights abuses have been committed around the world using a wide range of weapons and military and security equipment. These are often provided to perpetrators in almost unlimited supply, encouraging and prolonging unlawful violence. We are here to change it.